Impala Laminated Glass is formed by two layers of glass bonded together by PVB interlayer in such a manner that it does not eject from it’s position thus enhancing structural integrity and reducing breakability. Impala Laminated Glass comes with Saflex Interlayer – the high performance component in laminated glass

Impala Laminated Glass can provide solutions to many architectural design requirements.

  • Safety
  • Anti - Bandit
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Vanceva Coloured Laminated
  • Tempered Laminated
  • Curved Architectural Laminated


Impala Toughened Glass is annealed glass that is subjected to a heating and cooling treatment which greatly increases its strength and resistance to thermal shock.

Impala Toughened Glass is available from a thickness of 4mm to 12mm, in sizes from 250mm x 150mm to a maximum size of 2100mm x 3300mm.

Impala Toughened Glass should be specified where safety is the main consideration.


Impala Double Glazed Units (Insulated Glass) are made by fusing together two panels of glass spaced by dry air in an automatic chain of processes. The panel of glass can either be laminated, toughened, or kept ordinary; depending on the application.

Impala Double Glazed Units are Eco- friendly and helps to reduce heat loss, provide Thermal Insulation, Heat Reflection and Noise Reduction.


The spectacular range mirrors and decorative mirrors from Impala Glass enhances the beauty of an interior, adding that touch of functional class, elegance and safety




Impala windscreens are modern windshields, generally made of laminated glass, a type of treated glass, which consists of two (typically) curved sheets of glass and bonded into the window frame. Specially manufactured keeping in mind the paramount safety conditions needed on African roads.

Side lites

Impala automobile sidelites consist of side glasses of an automobile, made from toughened glass, are mainly to improve safety and security.